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Atropine For Myopia Control

Low doses of Atropine medicated drops (as low as .01%) for children with Myopia has been proven to slow the progression of their nearsightedness and help to prevent their myopia from deteriorating with minimal side effects. Atropine drops are generally given to patients at night and help relax the eye muscles. Studies have shown that atropine drug therapy is reported to reduce the rate of myopic progression by approximately 60%.

Atropine can be used for pre-myopic children as well. The sooner a patient starts with Atropine, the less severe their nearsightedness will be as he or she gets older

Atropine drops are easy to use and are ideal for younger children, who are not yet ready to wear contact lenses. It has been proven safe, and have been used on infants and children for over 100 years.

Atropine is just one of several options for managing myopia. Please be sure to speak with our optometrists to discuss the best option for you.

Another method of myopia control is Ortho-K.