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Contact Lenses Evaluations

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Eye Exam For Contact Lenses

During a comprehensive eye exam, we can evaluate patients for a wide variety of Contact Lenses including medically necessary Contact Lenses.

Our Plano eye doctors will evaluate you for any type of contact lens you may need.  We employ the best and latest in contact lens technology to give you the vision you need and the look you want.   We carry a wide array of evaluation lenses in our stock to save you time from making multiple trips to the office.

Dr. Diana Lee and Dr. Peter Bui can evaluate you for contact lenses for regular eyes, eyes with astigmatism, eyes with presbyopia, myopia and eyes with corneal diseases such as keratoconus, severe dry eyes, or post-refractive surgery complications.  We employ the latest in contact lens technology such as scleral contact lenses, specialized gas permeable contact lenses, piggy back contact lenses, and hybrid contact lenses.

If you have a corneal disease and surgery has been recommended, our doctors may be able to evaluate you for contacts that can delay or possibly prevent the need for surgery.

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